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Your body is an electro-chemical machine. Everything in your body is connected electrically right down to the cellular level. So just like flipping a switch to turn off the lights in one room of your house, you can also turn off the electrical / energy connection to your tissues and cells through trauma, injury, surgery, and even prolonged daily activities at work. Many of my patients develop their pain and dysfunction from poor posture and repetitive activities and don’t have a pathological cause (virus, illness, cancer, etc.) related to their symptoms.

As your physical therapist, I focus on getting your body reconnected. First, neuro-stimulators are used to open nerve pathways and energy flows (Chinese medicine) in your body. These new state-of- the-art stimulators are able to help your body recuperate, show astounding pain relief, relax muscles, dissolve scar tissue and improve healing, all at accelerated rates. Next, hands-on manual therapy is used to mobilize and stretch those areas that are “tight” and restricted in movement. Only after relieving your pain and gaining the proper motion do we start exercise programs that are customized for each patient.

Healing Happens Here!  We specialize in seeing patients who have NOT been successful with regular physical therapy or other treatments.

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Dr. Bruce C. Diven, PT, DPT


Many people go to see physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and personal trainers after surgery, car accidents or sports injuries. They see these professionals for 4-6 weeks or more but still have pain and never can get back to their former self. The reason you can’t get rid of your pain is because you continue to have blockages in your nervous system, scars that limit your movement and lack flexibility in your muscles, joints and ligaments.