Electrical Acu-point Stimulation

Electrical Acu-Point Stimulation


Electrical Acu-point Stimulation is a concept utilized to combat chronic and acute pain. This approach is a non-invasive therapy applying concentrated, low frequency / high power stimulation to ancient acutherapy points, motor/trigger points and contracted motor bands. The approach is based on the premise that ancient eastern medicine philosophies combined with modern electro-therapy technology can provide synergistic therapeutic results. Applying electrical acu-point stimulation will provide immediate pain relief, decrease muscle tonicity, and accelerate tissue repair for any form of musculoskeletal disorder. Although motor points, trigger points, and acupuncture points have been used in therapy for many years, when combined in specific combinations and patterns, they greatly increase the therapeutic outcome of each treatment.

Acu-point stimulation has a high patient compliance due to its immediate effectiveness and fast clinical application. Being non-invasive, it has no restrictions / nor potential adverse effects like dry needling or acupuncture needling techniques. Acu-point stimulation is not a replacement for manual medicine or physical therapy. Acu-point stimulation should be used in a comprehensive approach for those patients having acute and / or chronic pain.