Success Stories

Linda F

Years ago, I had a horrific sprain where I twisted my foot so severely, I thought I had broken my foot.  I had contacted Dr. Diven and the treatment I had received via electricstimulation versus exercises was nothing short of amazing.  My pain was excruciating, and with his help, I was actually walking again within days.  I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Diven's treatment methods!

Jill P

For the past month, I have waddled - not walked! I couldn’t sit, lay, stand or walk for any length of time. Sleeping was awful. I have lower back issues, fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome. My first visit with Dr. Bruce Diven was AMAZING! His treatment for me was using an electrical point stimulator to energize my neurologic system that was nothing short of a miracle. With one treatment, I got off the table and walked – No Waddle! Dr. Diven’s approach has allowed me to loosen my muscles, do stretches on my own, and now walk normally and regain my lifestyle. I am forever grateful!!! Thank you Dr. Bruce Diven – my Physical Therapist.

Cathleen N.

I came to Rehabilitation Specialists after I injured my elbow helping my college-aged daughter move from school. When I started physical therapy, I couldn’t lift a popcan without pain. Typing on the computer was painful as well. I was losing strength in my forearm and couldn’t play golf – the game I love. After just a few treatments in physical therapy of cold laser, electrical point stimulation, and deep tissue massage, I had no pain. I continued the stretching and home exercise program from Dr. Bruce Diven, physical therapist, and VOILA… I was symptom free and playing golf again without pain. The whole staff was friendly and helpful which made my treatments a wonderful experience. This is the place you want to come if you want to get better…FAST. Thank You.

Therese May

I had a slip and fall accident almost a year ago with pain in my back and down my leg ever since.  I have a cleaning business that requires me to bend, lift and walk all day.  I have a granddaughter that I can’t play with due to my constant pain. I have tried chiropractic, massage, traditional physical therapy and recently had a nerve ablation procedure with no relief.  I went to Dr. Diven and after the first treatment, I immediately had No Pain!  I am now able to do the stretching and exercises that I couldn’t do before.  I now feel like a million bucks!  Dr. Diven is great – helpful & compassionate.  I wish I had found him earlier…AND I am telling all my friends!

Jeff Gaynier

I was injured a few years ago when the chainsaw I was using recoiled and tore the muscles in my right forearm.  The area healed but every time I used the right arm I would have extreme pain, swelling and would have to stop doing the activity.  This went on for four years.  Doctor visits, medications and everything short of surgery didn’t work.  I saw Dr. Bruce Diven and after 3 treatments I was pain free and can use the arm like nothing ever happened.