Custom Exercise Programs


STAGE 1:  Pain, Inflammation, and Scarring

STAGE 2:  Regain Range of Motion

STAGE 3:  Regain Muscle Strength

STAGE 4:  Return to Normal Function

Exercise is an essential part of any physical therapy program. It is NEVER done as the first and only approach to your problem. Your physical therapist must address your pain, inflammation and scar tissue in order to resolve those problems BEFORE you move to the exercise phase. If the pain, inflammation and scarring are not addressed then it will block your body’s ability to heal itself. You will see slow or no progress because your body has not healed and cannot tolerate the movement and exercise that you do with your normal, everyday activities.

Once the barriers to healing are removed then exercises can be done. Exercises should start only when YOU, the patient, is able to tolerate the exercises. Exercises should be completely explained and demonstrated by the physical therapist making sure that you are performing them correctly. You should also receive a CUSTOM individualized written home program that you can do on your own time.

Our exercise programs are designed to elevate the health and performance of your body from head to toe, looking at your strength, coordination, balance, endurance and biomechanical integrity. We utilize body awareness and proprioceptive training, along with manual resistance, to teach you how to isolate specific muscle groups and reach your fitness and performance goals.